What is a Swedish Massage?

What is a Swedish Massage?

What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage therapy is one of the most popular and well known types of therapeutic massage. Swedish massages are different from deep tissue massages in that the superficial muscles are targeted rather than the deep connective tissue. Swedish massages are a great place for beginners to start.

Depending on the therapist’s style, training, or desired outcome, a Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or it can be vigorous and bracing. Swedish massages are intended to relax the entire body, but they go beyond just relaxation.

If you’re wondering if a Swedish massage is right for you, continue reading to learn more about Swedish massages and some of the associated benefits.

Reduced Stress and Relaxation

Swedish massages are very beneficial when it comes to relaxing and reducing your stress. The combination of the peaceful environment, the soothing oils, the tranquil music, the professional hands-on massage should help you relax and lower your stress levels. Along with relaxation and lowered stress, Swedish massages help lower anxiety and tension headaches. This can give you more energy throughout the day and help you sleep better at night.

Pain Management

If you are experiencing any muscle pain, acute or chronic, Swedish massages can be a natural, effective method for pain management. It is important to communicate these issues and pain points with your massage therapist. Targeting these areas is important and will reduce muscle tension and improve circulation in that area.

Increased Circulation

Swedish massages include a massage stroking technique called effleurage (ˌefləˈräZH). Effleurage is a long, circular stroking movement towards the heart made with the palm of the hand. This helps open blood vessels and increases your body’s blood flow. When blood circulation is increased, your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. Also, your body is able to remove toxins faster and more efficiently.

Rehab for Injuries

Swedish massages are beneficial went treating injuries such as adhesions, knots, and any tension. These issues can be relieved with massage techniques such as kneading and friction. The combination of techniques help relax the layers of muscles allowing your therapist to work out all of the “kinks.”

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of Swedish massages. They can help increase your flexibility. You are able to experience a wider range of motion because your muscles are relaxed. This combined with stretching allows you to get the most of exercising and prevent any injuries related to working out.

Additionally, Swedish massages can help with lymphatic drainage. Because of the long, strong strokes with a Swedish massage, any clogged areas are successfully moved along. This is why drinking plenty of water before and after a massage is wise.

Furthermore, Swedish massages can help increase the number of lymphocytes in your body. Lymphocytes play a large role in defending your body from diseases thus increasing your body’s immune system.

Getting a Swedish massage is a great way to spoil yourself, but it’s also more than that. The physical and mental benefits of a Swedish massage is the perfect way to help round out your overall health and wellbeing.

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