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Safely and naturally correcting the underlying cause of your head and neck pain is practically routine for our chiropractors in Pleasant Grove. By determining areas of misalignment in the throat and shoulder, then gently restoring appropriate alignment, the strain on the neck muscles along with the irritation on the nerves should naturally heal.


Head and neck pain may seem like the actual chicken-or-egg question: which came 1st? You feel strain at work, possibly, and very quickly you realize there is a headache. Hold on – you then have a stiff neck. It’s just the cost of doing business in your crazy planet, right? Incorrect. No matter how widespread neck and head pain may be, it’s not really normal. There is something you can do about it.


If you frequently get a headache with neck pain you could be suffering from muscles problems. When the neck is strained, the muscles can transfer pain to the head. There is one specific region in the neck which is commonly involved in headaches.


Typically, the headache is a result of neck troubles like bad posture, overuse or anxiety. There is pain on movement which may be also in the shoulder joint on the same side of the body. The headache pain can be mild to severe without any throbbing discomfort and may modify when force is applied to the muscles. Your headaches may easily last from a few hours to a few days or even weeks.


Some other structures in the neck could cause head and neck pain. The disks and important joints may also refer pain to the head in a similar manner. Degenerative neck or osteo-arthritis can produce these types of headaches. Neck related severe headaches are the trigger in all approximately 20% of people with chronic headaches and is also four times more frequent in women.


The vertebrae of one’s neck (cervical back) support the weight of your head and all its motions, which may not appear like much until you realize your head weighs as much as a bowling ball. Whenever your neck bone fragments are not situated properly, the result is tightening of the muscles and irritation in the nerves that connect with your head.


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