The Benefits of Stretching

The Benefits of Stretching

The Benefits of Stretching

Most medical and athletic professionals suggest that you stretch regularly. It’s recommended that you warm up your muscles with a light jog or walk, and then stretch them before strenuous activity. Stretching after exercise can help to reduce lactic acid, which leads to sore and tight muscles.

Increases Flexibility
It’s no surprise that stretching your muscles will increase their flexibility. Stretching lengthens muscles tissue which leads to an increased range of motion. When your muscles are more relaxed and flexible, you are more likely to have better posture. Tight muscles affect your spine’s alignment and increase the tension in your back. Flexibility will reduce some of that stress on your back, particularly your lower back.

Helps Prevent Injury
Warming up and then stretching your muscles before exercise helps your muscles to be more lengthened and open, leading you to feel looser and less tense. When this is the case, your body can withstand more physical stress. Dynamic stretching prior to physical activity helps to prevent tightness which can cause injury.

Makes You Stronger
Loose muscles can increase your endurance, help you to experience fewer aches, pains, and cramps. Muscle flexibility enables you to increase your strength for effectively with more ability and more mobility. Stretching post work out leads to better circulation, which will reduce muscles soreness and accelerate recovery.

Better Sleep
When your muscles are loose, it’s easier for your body to relax and drift into a steady sleep. Sleeping in the same position all night can lead to stiff muscles, stretch them out to relieve some tightness and have a more restful night.

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