The Many Health Benefits of Good Posture

The Many Health Benefits of Good Posture

The Many Health Benefits of Good Posture

When you were young, your mom or maybe even your grandmother told you to put your shoulders back and to sit up straight.  Turns out they were right! Sitting up straight and using good posture is extremely beneficial to your health in several different aspects.

Read on for more information about how using and maintaining good posture can improve your overall health.

Poor posture has major side effects like discomfort and aches and pains in joints and muscles.  This pain may show itself immediately or it may show up later in life as you age. Pain can begin in the neck and back and can work its way down to your hips and knees.  

Those that do not practice good posture are more likely to become injured as they are not as agile and nimble as someone that maintains good and proper posture. Standing and sitting up straight with your head, neck, shoulders, and back in proper alignment allows your body to move as it was intended.  

Poor posture can also affect your breathing. When your body is hunched over, the diaphragm and lungs are not able to fully expand and the airways become narrowed making breathing more difficult.

Good posture can also affect your mental and emotional health.  Using good posture helps you appear taller (and leaner!) and more confident in yourself.  This tends to improve the way people feel about themselves. Studies have shown that people that are slouched overcome across as unhappy and lack confidence.  

Research has provided evidence that people that walk around hunched over are more likely to have depression than those that walk with good posture.

Studies also show that poor posture can affect a persons thoughts and feelings.  It also shows that improving poor posture can help improve their mood and energy levels.

There are many things in peoples everyday lives that can lead to bad posture.  Sitting in the car or at a desk for long periods of time, carrying a heavy bag or purse, funky sleeping positions, balancing a phone between your shoulder and ear, wearing high heels, and even looking down at your phone or a book.  

These normal day-to-day tasks can lead to muscles imbalances, tightness, weakness, tingling or even numbness. Your body was not intended to remain in one position, in fact, doing so causes lots of stress on your bodys bones and muscles.  

To avoid the sabotage of bad posture, it is suggested you move around every 20 minutes or so.  Take a quick break by standing up and stretching or walk around for a bit.

If you are experiencing neck, shoulder, or back pain due to poor posture, it is important to break your bad habit and start using good posture.  Using good posture takes lots of practice and is a learned behavior.

To learn more about improving your posture, be sure to check out our blog post here.  

In the meantime, however, you can find relief at Spinal Rehab of North County.  Dr. Templeton and his knowledgeable staff are here to help.


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