Active Release Massage

Active Release Massage

Active Release Massage

Tight muscles, painful knots, and trigger points can cause a great deal of discomfort and can really mess with your day to day activities and responsibilities.  An active release massage may be beneficial to you if you experience stiffness in your elbows, knees, hands, neck, or back, if you experience pain or throbbing when you exercise, if your range of motion and flexibility is limited, if youve lost strength in muscles, if your joints are inflamed or are in pain, or if you are experiencing any numbness or tingling.

What is an Active Release Massage?

Active release massage (also known as active release technique [ART]) is a type of massage that works to relieve tight muscle and trigger point pain and reduce stress on joints.  ART helps eliminate muscle and joint pain and works to reactivate muscles that have been turned offbecause of an injury.  ART is similar to a deep tissue massage but is more focused and targeted and is customized to each patient and their needs.

ART was created and patented by a certified chiropractic sports physician, P. Michael Leahy. He created this technique to treat his patients that were suffering from chronic pain and injuries. Dr. Leahy teaches his technique all over the world and certifies other healthcare providers.

There are over 500 moves and techniques that are specific to ART.  These specific techniques allow your provider to identify and fix the issues that are causing the pain.  ART is not a one-size-fits-allsort of treatment.  It is very unique and customized to your needs.

How does Active Release Work?

ART works to break up and prevent adhesions (deep scar tissue).  Scar tissue is tough and is not flexible compared to normal, healthy tissue.  These adhesions cause a limited range of motion and lessened flexibility because muscle groups bind together.  Nerves can sometimes get trapped in the adhesions causing trigger points and knots. The manipulation that ART offers addresses all of these issues, alleviating pain and discomfort.

ART Treatment Session

ART sessions typically start with an examination of the affected area.  The provider will use their hands to feel the soft tissue, evaluating its texture and tightness, also feeling how the muscles, tendons, and ligaments move.  Areas that require care are treated with the specific movements and techniques. If you would like to schedule an ART treatment session please contact us at Spinal Rehab of North County today! 

What are Some of the Benefits of ART?

There are many benefits of active release technique.  Active release massages help increase flexibility and range of motion.  Even one session of ART can help increase your mobility. ART can reduce chronic lower back pain.  By breaking up adhesions, nerves that are compressed are released which relieve back pain. Carpel tunnel syndrome can effectively be treated with ART.  Those that have experienced limited mobility in their hands and swelling or pain caused by compressed nerves often find relief with ART treatments. ART can prevent injuries and can help improve your athletic performance.  Active release technique helps restore your muscles and connective tissue and keeps them functioning normally.


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