What is Causing Your Neck Pain?

What is Causing Your Neck Pain?

What is Causing Your Neck Pain?

Not knowing what is causing your discomfort can be, well, a real pain in the neck. Though neck pain is very common, the suffering can be very acute and distracting at times. Getting to the source of the problem could help you to solve it or avoid it from reoccurring. Take a look at some of the most common causes of everyday neck pain below.

Bad Sleeping Position
It’s common to wake up with neck and back pain. This is usually due to awkward positioning over an extended period of time. Your sleeping position may have put your neck muscles under strain through the night. The firmness of your mattress and pillows can also have an impact on your neck. Sleeping with a lack of support for your head will leave your neck out of alignment and increase the likeliness of a sore neck in the morning.

Poor Posture
Poor posture can be another common culprit to consistent neck pain. We all struggle to keep good posture, but when we are regularly hunched over we put extra strain on our neck muscles. Those muscles have to work harder to keep your head up without the support of your shoulders and back. Whether it’s hunching over at work while driving, or spending time looking down at your phone—any time your head is tilted forward for long periods of time, your neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments experience strain.

Repetitive Motions
Moving your head in repetitive motions will also cause knots to form in your neck. Though these movements may be small and may even go unnoticed, over time they add up as small muscles get overworked and your neck pays the price. It’s common to experience these pains from repetitive motion in dancing, swimming, and work office.

Sports Injury
Making sudden movements in the heat of a sporting activity can lead to neck pain. Any sort of quick and unexpected movement be whiplash. It’s also common to experience neck pain after a collision or fall. This sort of impact can lead to nerve damage and numbness. If you experience numbness, seek medical attention.

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