How To Lift Heavy Things Without Hurting Your Back

How To Lift Heavy Things Without Hurting Your Back?

How To Lift Heavy Things Without Hurting Your Back

Lifting without proper technique can easily lead to back pain. Whether you pull a muscle or just a put extra strain on your back over time, it can have serious long term effects. It’s common knowledge that lifting can hurt your back, but most people don’t take precaution to prevent injury from occurring. With proper lifting technique, you can keep your back stronger longer. So before you lift your next heavy box, read up on a few techniques that may save you from a back injury or pain down the road.

Think Ahead

Avoid making any sudden or awkward movements when lifting, this can often lead to strained or pulled muscles. Plan your movements before lifting the heavy object. Clear a path that you can easily get through before lifting, navigating through clutter with a heavy object in your hands is a sure way to get injured or have an accident. Keeping the object closer to your body will also help you keep that object in better balance.

If you are lifting with the help of someone else, be sure that you plan your plan way and movements together before lifting. Miscommunication can easily lead to injury or accident.

Lift Close to Your Body

Now that you’re ready to lift the object, be sure to keep it close to your body. You will find that you have more balance and stability when you have a firm hold close to your body. Lifting away from your body will not only be more difficult to maintain but will put more strain on your back and shoulders.

Feet Should Be Hip Width Apart

Keeping your feet hip-width apart while you’re lifting will provide for a solid base for your body to support the extra weight. Placing your feet too close together will create instability. Having your feet too far apart will making movement much more difficult. Find a happy medium with stability and mobility when you keep your feet the distance of your hips or shoulders. Line them up before you lift.

Keep Knees Slightly Bent

Slightly bending your knees will give you better balance. You’ll feel more stable with your muscles flexed and ready to lift. It’s also much easier to keep your back straight if your legs are bent. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “lift with your legs, not your back”. That’s much easier to do when your knees are bent. Bend at the knees, not the hips. This will distribute the weight instead of placing too much of it on your back. Raise and lower slowly with your knees instead of bending at the hips.

Don’t Hunch Your Back

Focus on keeping your spine straight when you lift. A hunched back is much more vulnerable to injury. Your back is much more likely to be injured if it has extra strain on it, or if it’s in an awkward position. Keeping it straight will help you avoid future pain. Good posture should always be practiced, even when lifting.

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