Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Why You Should Consider a Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage uses intense finger pressure with firm and slow strokes to rub out muscles. Though a deep tissue massage is not ideal for rest and relaxation it does have many long-term therapeutic effects. These health benefits will help to relieve pain in your neck and back and increase your body’s ability to perform.

Lowers High Blood Pressure

One of the many benefits of a deep tissue massage—it can lower your blood pressure! Studies show that the pressure that a deep tissue massage offers has a positive effect on systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure.

Relieves Stress

As this type of massage relieves tension in your back and neck, it also helps to lower cortisol levels and boost the oxytocin hormone, making your body relax and leading to a reduction in stress levels. Though the immediate pressure can be painful, it will ultimately result in less tension and stress relief.

Improves Athletic Performance

Deeply rubbing out your muscles will clear up lactate build up (which causes your muscles to be sore), increase joint mobility, decrease muscle fatigue, and prevent injury. Deep tissue massages are also a form of injury treatment. If your muscles are sore or strained, try rubbing it out. This is why athletes often use foam rollers to roll out their muscles.

Reduces Stiffness

If you’re feeling a little stiff, a deep tissue massage can release some of that tension. Muscles stiffness can be caused by many things—lactate build up, lack of blood flow, stains, etc. A deep tissue massage can work out all of these issues and leave you feeling more flexible and more comfortable.

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