5 Back Care Tips for Runners

5 Back Care Tips for Runners

5 Back Care Tips for Runners

Running is a total body work out and one of the most effective one’s out there. But it does require a great deal of strength, particularly strength from your body’s core. If your core is weak, your body will compensate by increasing the strain on your spine, leading to back pain for runners. Today, we’re discussing some strength and flexibility training that will improve your running form and help to relieve some of that back pain that is so common for runners.

  • Plank Regularly.
    Adding a two-minute plank to your regular routine will help to strengthen your core and improve your posture, both of which will greatly benefit your back and improve your running. Planking is a simple bodyweight exercise that is quick and effective.


  • Hip Raises Are Your Friend.
    The hip muscles are some of the most important when running. When we run, it’s our hips that are propelling our legs forward. Hip raises are a simple exercise where you lay flat on your back with your knees in the air and raise your hips up and back down. Strong hips can improve your running and prevent runners’ knee by putting less strain on your knees.


  • Try Some Simple Yoga Poses.
    Yoga can increase your strength and flexibility. Both of which will enable you to better support your back while running. Adding simple poses that will not strain your body but strengthen and stretch your muscles will greatly benefit you.


  • Warm Up Your Back (and the rest of your body) Prior To Running.
    Warming up your body before a work out gradually increases your heart rate and circulation, loosening your joints and increasing blood flow to the muscles. When you are stiff you are much more vulnerable to injury. Try warming up with a slow jog or anything that will slowly raise your heart rate. Once your blood is pumping, stretch out any major muscles you plan to use in the workout. For a runner, this would include glutes, quads, and your back.


  • Check Your Running Surface or Change Up Your Route.
    Running on a hard surface can be tough on your back. If you’re running on concrete, try a track or trail for a little more give. Or if you do prefer running on the street or sidewalk, try mixing it up occasionally. Streets and sidewalks are very rarely perfectly flat, running on an uneven surface will strain your body. Change up your route or try running on the other side of the road to even out the ware on your body.


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