What To Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident Part 4

What To Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident Part 4

This is a question most people either ask us directly or think it.  The reason they ask is the sheer number of advertisements for personal injury attorneys all of us see daily.  Whether it be on the TV, radio, billboards, or the internet…they are EVERYWHERE!

Probably the most important question to ask is why would you need an attorney after an auto accident?

You need an attorney for a few reasons.  To make things simple I am just going to list the reasons.  If you would like an in-depth explanation, please email us and we’d be happy to explain in greater detail.

  1. You went to the ER or an urgent care right after the accident
  2. You missed more than 1 week of work
  3. Your car was totaled
  4. The insurance company is being difficult to deal with or not helping you at all
  5. You feel you have injuries that will take more then 4 weeks to get better

If you are having any of these things going on, then there is a good chance you need an attorney.

We know that some people have concerns with attorneys.  Things like:

  • It’s expensive
  • They are going to have to go to court
  • They don’t want to sue someone

Getting an attorney could be the best thing you do…as long as it is a good reputable attorney that specializes in helping people that have been in auto accidents.

If you get an attorney that specializes in auto accidents they will not charge you.  The ones we work with only collect a fee once your case is done.  The fee they collect comes from the money they collect from the insurance company.  In fact, hiring an attorney will help you get fairly compensated for the injuries related to your auto accident and in most cases get you more money in your pocket!

Only 1% of cases end up in court and only about 3% ever go to arbitration.  So, the likely hood is your case will settle before it ever sees the inside of the court room.

Also, by hiring an attorney they take away all the headaches that come with being in an auto accident.  Which allows you can focus on recovering completely.

If you have questions related to hiring an attorney or need a referral to a good reputable attorney, please call our office at 801-899-3111 and we can help you.

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