What To Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident Part 2

What To Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident Part 2

We are experts at treating and helping those people who have been in auto accidents.  We have over 30 years combined experience treating people who have been injured.

At Spinal Rehab of North County, we are your Pleasant Grove and Utah County chiropractor.  We help people with whiplash, auto injury pain, low back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc pain and sciatica get better.

We know how to navigate most of the issues people might face when they have been in an auto accident.

Last week we wrote about the need to seek care after an auto accident.  This week we will talk a little about the insurance and financial side of an auto accident and how it relates to your treatment.

Utah State Legislators, years ago, passed laws on how insurance companies are supposed to handle cases when someone has been in an auto accident.

First thing to understand is Utah is a ‘No-Fault State’.  What does this mean?

It means that it doesn’t matter who caused the accident.  Your own personal insurance will cover the medical bills you incur, up to the limits on your policy.

Secondly, Utah is a PIP (personal injury protection) state.  PIP is a coverage that everyone in Utah has on their policy, even if you just have liability coverage.

PIP is what pays for your medical bills, this also includes chiropractic care.  In Utah the minimum amount you have is $3,000, many times people have more than that.  Meaning you have coverage for medical bills through your insurance of at least $3,000.

This is one reason why Utah is such a great state when it comes to those who are injured in an auto accident and the treatment associated with those injuries.

In simple terms it means that everyone in a vehicle that was in an accident has at least $3,000 EACH to go towards medical bills.

One thing we see is that people are concerned about using their PIP benefits because they are concerned their insurance premiums will go up.  Again, Utah legislators are helping you out on this.  They passed a statute years ago that doesn’t allow insurance companies to raise premiums if the PIP benefits are used.

Remember if you have been in an auto accident.  Come into our office ASAP and be evaluated.  There is no OUT OF POCKET cost for any treatment related to the accident.

We will help you navigate this entire process.  If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment please call us today at 801-899-3111.

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