Recent Car Accident

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Recent Car Accident

I have been practicing for 17 years.  Sounds like a long time doesn’t it.  In that time, I have treated and help 1,000’s of people recover from injuries sustained from car accidents.  Car accident’s always come at inconvenient times and bring so many challenges to our lives.  Thing’s like:

Dealing with insurance companies
Getting your car fixed
Trying to get a rental car
Giving statements to insurance adjusters
Possibly missing work

The list can go on and on.  I find that many people after an accident are so worried about getting back to ‘regular’ life that they don’t take the necessary steps to properly assess and treat their injuries.


I see it all the time when someone is in an auto accident.  They initially feel a little ‘stiff’ or some ‘muscle soreness’, then say…oh it will go away on its own.  In some rare cases this is true.


You see the types of injuries that occur in a car accident can cause significant injuries to the underlying joints, ligaments, cartilage and soft tissues of the spine and body.  Many times, the initial symptom of these types of injuries is feeling stiff and sore.  The biggest problem I see is that when people wait to get treated, because they think the pain will go away on its own or they think they don’t have time to take care of themselves, these injuries just get worse with time.


I once injured my knee playing softball…I said the same thing that many of my patients say after a car accident…that I didn’t have ‘time’ to get the treatment that I needed.  I ultimately needed knee surgery and needed to get some meniscus removed.  The doctor after the surgery told me that if I would have had the surgery within a month or so of the injury that he would have been able to repair the cartilage instead of removing it.  I waited almost 6 months to get the needed surgery.  Now I cannot run or do anything that impacts my knee because it will swell up and cause me significant pain.  All of this could have been avoided if I would have done what I needed to do right away!


I see this all the time with patients that have been in car accidents.  Those that get in quickly after the accident can shorten treatment time and minimize the likelihood that their injuries can cause long term problems.  Whereas those that wait, for whatever reason they have, are more likely to require longer treatment length and a higher chance that they will have long term problems associated with their injuries.


My advice to you if you have been in an auto accident is to get in as quickly as possible for an evaluation and treatment if needed.  The best time to get in after an accident is within the first 72 hours to 1-week post-accident.  If you or someone you know has recently been in an auto accident, then call our office immediately and schedule an evaluation.  We offer free consultations for all new patients.  We also offer free transportation if your injuries are due to an auto accident.  There is no reason to delay.

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