Neck Pain & Office Workers…

Neck Pain & Office Workers…

When someone comes into our office with neck pain it usually comes from a couple of different causes:


  1. Car Accident Injuries
  2. Long term work on a computer or in office environment
  3. Sleeping incorrectly
  4. Injury 


Studies estimate that 42-69% of office workers will experience neck pain.  Many individuals will experience recurring episodes of neck pain, and at least 1 in 6 may develop chronic, ongoing neck pain.  


Why is it so common that people that work in an office environment have such a high rate of neck pain?


One of the most common causes of neck pain due to office work is the posture that you have while working.  Your computer could be too high or low, the desk and mouse may be in an improper position or your keyboard may not be in an ideal position.  The chair you sit in may also give you poor support or may put your body out of balance.  


Needless to say there are MANY reasons why people that work in an office environment may experience neck pain.


What do you do about it?


First, check your office posture.  See the image for how to set up your desk properly.
Second, set a timer to get up and move every hour or so.  If you get up and walk around the office for just a minute or 2 every hour that will make a big difference reducing neck pain.

Finally, if these simple solutions don’t help then come in and get some chiropractic treatment.  If the pain has been ongoing, or chronic, then chiropractic care will help restore normal mobility and alignment to the spine which will reduce the pain and tension.  Usually it only takes a few visits to get people feeling their best.  If you are having neck pain or stiffness due to your office posture call our office now for a free consultation and evaluation 801-492-9300.  There is no reason to live with the pain.
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