Why You NEED To Be Evaluated After Every Car Accident!

Why You NEED To Be Evaluated After Every Car Accident!

I want to share 2 case histories of actual patients that I have seen.  Due to privacy guidelines no names, dates or identifying info will be given.


Patient #1:  Presented to our office approximately 18 months AFTER the motor vehicle collision.  Initially the patient noticed pain in neck, low back and in both hip joints.  The patient thought the pain would improve over time but instead got worse.  When the patient presented to our office we began treating with conservative chiropractic care.   The neck pain improved however the low back pain and specifically the hip pain did not improve.  MRI’s of the lumbar spine were ordered and there were some indications of injuries that could be causing the pain.  The patient then proceeded with injections in the lumbar spine.  The injections did not help.  After multiple injections and continued chiropractic care it was determined the patient needed bilateral hip MRI.  When the MRI results came back it was found that the patient had significant degeneration and injury in both hips and was in need of a bilateral hip replacement.  The procedures were done and the patient improved.


However due to the gap in care from the date of the accident to the date the patient first presented with care has made it challenging for her and her attorney to get her bills paid.


Patient #2:  This patient presented to our office approximately 8 months after 2 car accidents.  The first was the patient’s fault, the second was a couple days later and the patient was rear ended.  Initially the patient noted stiffness in the neck and low back, however did not indicate ANY pain or symptoms to the insurance carrier.  8 months later the pain has worsened tremendously and they presented it to our office.  We began treatment and the patient responded well to conservitive chiropractic care.  However due to the gap in treatment the insurance company is refusing to pay for the care.


Ultimately in both cases we do not know the final outcome of each situation.  However if both patients had come in immediately after their accidents then all injuries could have been documented and needed treatment began.  Since they both had big gaps between the accident and the time treatment began the insurance companies are fighting to not have to pay what is legally their responsibility to pay.


THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you could do after any accident is to get in for an evaluation ASAP (within 1-3 days).   Then your injuries can be documented and any needed care can begin.  If it is found that you have no injuries that will also be documented.  If you wait that will only make it more challenging to get the insurance companies to pay the claim but can also make your recovery slower.  If you or someone you know has recently been in a car accident call us now 801-492-9300.  We can see you TODAY!
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