What Type Of Treatment For Car Accident Injuries?

What Type Of Treatment For Car Accident Injuries?

I get asked often ‘what type of treatment do I need after my accident?’

What are the treatment best treatment options for someone that has been in a car accident and what doctors will help me to find those options.

There really isn’t ‘ONE’ best treatment option if you have been in a car accident.  There are really so many different types of injuries that can occur there isn’t just one!  If you have a fractured bone or a huge laceration or burn you will need different treatment, then if you have neck and back injury and joint pain.

Probably THE most important thing anyone can do after a car accident is to see a physician that is an expert at knowing exactly what kind of treatment you need and which doctor or doctors you will need to see.

The problem is most family physicians and ER or urgent care docs do NOT know where you need to go or who you need to see for many of the injuries people get after an accident.  The ER and urgent care docs will sew you up or cast a bone maybe even do imaging to make sure you don’t have any major internal injuries, but beyond that they typically just prescribe some medication and say ‘It should get better in a few weeks’

Unfortunately, this course of action can cause more problems and long-term consequences then anything.

I wish you could just go to any physician or chiropractor and they would all be able to give you the best diagnosis of your injuries and recommendation for future care….but the reality of it is there are VERY few physicians and chiropractors out there that truly have your best interest in mind.

This is why we only work with physicians, physical therapists, imaging centers, surgeons and chiropractors who will give you the best solution for your problems.

Ultimately there is NOT one solution for everyone.  Each case and every injury are different and needs a different solution.  If you have been in an auto accident and are unsure you have gotten the correct diagnosis or been given the correct treatment options, then call our office.  We would be happy to talk to you for FREE and see if you have the correct advice.  If you have not been evaluated yet and would like to be seen, then call our office and we can do a FREE consultation with you.  Call us at 801-492-9300.  If we cannot help you, we can send you to one of our network of healthcare professionals that can.





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