What Treatment Do You Need After A Car Accident

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What Treatment Do You Need After A Car Accident

What Treatment Do You Need After A Car Accident?


Being in practice for 18 years and treating 1,000’s of patients that have been in car accidents, this is a question that I often hear from patients after they’ve been in a car accident.


The answer to this question can be difficult to answer though.  The reason it is difficult to answer is because it all depends upon what injuries you have.  Below is a quick list of symptoms and who you may want to see:


  • Whiplash neck pain-Chiropractor
  • Mid & low back pain-Chiropractor
  • Shoulder pain-orthopedic doc then possibly P/T
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in arms or legs-Chiropractor, primary care MD, orthopedic
  • Headaches-chiropractor or primary care doctor
  • Hip pain-orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor or P/T
  • Knee pain-orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor or P/T


THE most important thing that you can do after a car accident is to see a physician that is well versed in how to handle and treat car accident cases.  


At Spinal Rehab we see patients with all of the symptoms and injuries above.  We are experts in knowing which of these patients need to be referred to another physician or specialist and which ones can be treated with gentle, conservative chiropractic care.  


Unfortunately though many chiropractors, family practice MD’s, P/T’s, and other physicians do not know when to refer or who to refer to.  They do not do it in a timely manner or they needlessly prescribe the wrong thing, like medications or surgery, when conservative treatment may be best.


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