What can you do to help prevent COVID-19?

What can you do to help prevent COVID-19?

We are all seeing the increase in COVID-19 cases not only locally but nationally.  Many of us know or have had family members that have had the virus.  What can you do to help prevent COVID-19.  


  1. Take vitamin D!  Vitamin D has shown in multiple studies that not only can it help prevent infection.  It can help with the first line defense in our immune system but can also help in our bodies ability to fight the virus if you get it.  Those that have adequate levels of vitamin D in your blood have shown to have less severe symptoms and faster recovery.   If you want more detailed info please read the attached pdf below.
  2. Get adequate sleep.   Sleep is essential for proper immune function.  When we do not get enough sleep it puts strain on our immune system and makes us more vulnerable to infections.  You should be getting a minimum of 8 hours a night.  
  3. Stay hydrated!  COVID-19 is a respiratory virus.  Meaning not only does it affect your respiratory system but it is also transmitted via respiratory mechanisms.  Staying hydrated will keep your mucous membranes hydrated and able to function properly.  One of the most important functions of your mucous membranes is to help stop viruses from getting into your lungs.  Plus they have immune cells in your mucous membranes that will help kill viruses before they get into your body.
  4. WEAR A MASK!  Yes that is in all caps.  For some reason masks have been highly politicized.   I understand they are uncomfortable and make it hard to breath.  I also know that the virus is much smaller than the filtration of the mask.  However the virus is suspended in respiratory droplets.  It is our inhalation of infected respiratory droplets that will infect us.  Studies show that younger populations can be infected and not be symptomatic.  So it is critical that we all wear masks while in public environments.  It will protect us from people potentially infected but will also protect others from us if we are infected and not symptomatic yet.  Look at Hong Kong.  One of the largest cities in the world.  They live in close proximity to others.  They have major public transit systems that a lot of people use.  They have a population of 7.45 million people.  They have had 1200 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 7 deaths! That is crazy small.  Why have they fared so well?  It is because they all started wearing masks as soon as the pandemic started, back in February and March.  We need to understand masks will help!


All of us want to get back to normal; sporting events, movies, concerts etc.  However if we do not do what we can to help stop the spread of this virus we will not get back to those things for a long time.   Let’s work together and do our part.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us 801-492-9300.  We want to help.

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