What are the best stretches for back pain?

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What are the best stretches for back pain?

“Hey doc do you have some stretches I can do that will help my back pain?”

This is a question I get daily…usually multiple times a day. I like this question a lot! It means to me that people are taking charge of their own health and want to be able to get better quicker. That is our goal at Spinal Rehab, to get people out of pain as quickly as possible.

So, what are the best stretches when you are having back pain? Can stretching really help?

The answer to that second question is, YES, stretches can help with back pain. Stretching is a great adjunct to many other things that you should be doing if you have back pain.

Before we can get to what stretches would be best, we need to find the root cause of your problem. Is your pain stemming from a herniated disc that is causing pain and numbness down you leg? If so, then there are several stretches that can cause more pain and discomfort. Whereas if your pain is coming from the facet joints then there are different stretches for that type of pain. Maybe it is a sprain/strain type of injury from lifting an object that is too heavy. In that situation you should not stretch at all, for at least a few days.

The answer to what is the best stretch for back pain is….


I really wish it were as simple as do stretches X, Y & Z and your back pain will go away, but it isn’t that simple. Really what you need is an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your pain. Once we know what is going on then we can recommend stretches, exercises and other treatment to get you feeling your best.

If you are having back pain and want to find the solution and get the right stretches to help with your back pain call us at 801-492-9300. We offer a $35 New Patient special that includes an evaluation, 15m massage and chiropractic treatment. Call us now 801-492-9300 to schedule.

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