Clearing Up Myths About Massage Therapy

Clearing Up 7 Myths About Massage Therapy

Clearing Up Myths About Massage Therapy

There are many myths out there about massage therapy. Massage therapy is a practice of the manipulating the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to promote wellness, increase a range of motion, relieve tension, and more. Before you go to see a certified massage therapist, clear up your perception on what massage therapy is and what it can do.

1. All massage is the same.

Not all massage is created equally. There are many different types of massages and they will achieve different goals. A sports massage may focus more on more physical therapy goals and can help to keep muscles and joints strong. Whereas a spa massage may focus more on relaxation and stress relief. A trigger point massage will focus on loosening tight muscles fibers that have formed after overuse or injury. You can also get a deep tissue massage which uses a slower and deeper stroke technique and targets underlying layers of muscles. There are many different massage possibilities.

2. Massages are only temporary solutions.

Massages can help muscles retain muscle memory that will reduce pain and stress long term. Regular massages can help to relieve chronic pain and stiffness and promote a healthy lifestyle.

3. Massages get rid of cellulite.

Wouldn’t that be nice? But unfortunately, this is a myth. Cellulite can be reduced by exercising, and massage can help your muscles recover from that exercising. But don’t count on getting rid of any of that cellulite with massage therapy.

4. Massages only move muscles around.

This is false. Massages have many benefits. They can alleviate swollen joints, loosen tightened areas, improve flexibility, relieve discomfort including migraines, and prevent future back and neck problems.

5. Pregnant women can’t get massages.

Pregnant women may benefit from massage therapy more than most! Because they have extra strain on their back, pregnant women can really use a good massage. You should inform your massage therapist of your pregnancy before you get going and communicate any discomfort you may be having before or during the massage session.

6. Massages have to hurt to be effective.

Massages do not have to be painful to be effective. It is possible that you may feel sore the day after a massage, but it is also perfectly normal to not feel sore. If you do not have tight muscles, you may not feel any pain during a massage, that is okay! It can still be beneficial to your body without being painful.

7. Massages are only for pampering.

Though massages can be very relaxing and a great way to treat yourself, pampering is not their only purpose. There are numerous benefits, including reducing stiffness, increasing flexibility, relieving tension and headaches, and more. It’s a treat yourself and takes care of yourself thing.

If you’re looking for a quality massage, whether it’s deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and spa, contact Spinal Rehab. Our team of licensed and experienced massage therapist can deliver an experience that will help you relax, reduce stress, and benefit your health in numerous ways.


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