5 Tips To Reduce Whiplash Injury

5 Tips To Reduce Whiplash Injury

Most of the time you cannot control if, when, and where you get into a car accident.  However, there are some things that you can control to help protect your body and most importantly your spine if you do get into a car accident.  Below are 5 things you can do to reduce the severity and potential of an injury due to a car accident.


  1. Make sure the seat you are in is upright. The more leaned back the seat is the more likely you are to get injured in an auto accident.
  2. Adjust the height of the head rest so that it is even with the back of your skull. If the head rest is too low, then your head could go back over the top of the head rest causing a more significant injury to your neck and upper back.
  3. If you do see that impact is imminent push your spine and head against the seat back and head rest. This will help to protect your spine from some of the forces due to the accident.
  4. Stay alert at all times. Defensive driving can be the best way to avoid injury or to reduce the severity of the impact.  This means do NOT TEXT or use a cell phone while driving.  Don’t do anything that can take your eyes and focus off the road.
  5. Obey all traffic signs and laws. You may think that you can beat that red light or going a few MPH over the speed limit is ok…however, it only takes a millisecond for an accident to happen and usually it is due to somebody’s negligence.


If you have been in an accident whether it was your fault or someone else’s it is critical to get evaluated and if needed treatment started as quickly after the accident as possible.  Call our office 801-492-9300 we have same day appointments available and offer massage therapy with every treatment

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