5 Most Important Things To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

5 Most Important Things To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

There are approximately 55,000 car accidents per year in the state of Utah.  That means there are about 150 or more per day.  These are reported accidents, if you add in the number of unreported accidents, then the total is definitely much higher.

The statistics indicate that everyone will be in 4 car accidents in their lifetime.  So, the chances are that you and I will be in multiple car accident at different times in our life.


As a chiropractic physician for over 17 years I have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to treating car accident injuries but also the Do’s and Don’ts when you are in an auto accident.  Below are the 5 most important things you can do if you’re in a car accident.


#1 Stop immediately get to a safe area if possible.  When the unfortunate happens and you’re in a car accident stop immediately.  Do a quick assessment of the vehicle, your injury and where the cars are at that moment.  If you are in a place where you could be hit again then move your vehicle to a safe area.

#2 Take a lot of pictures!!  Take pictures of the area the accident happened, the areas on your car where the impact occurred, and the other vehicle involved.  Take pictures of the intersection and surrounding area.  Take pictures of anything that may be covering up streetlights or signs or may impair vision of the area.  You really cannot have too many pictures.

#3 NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILTY.  I am not saying to defer the blame.  However, there are so many factors to consider when determining the fault of an accident.  So, let law enforcement and the insurance companies determine who is at fault.

#4 Call the police.  It is always wise, no matter how minimal the accident is to call the police and to have them do a report on the accident.  This will help in determining fault and to make sure you have the contact info of the other person in the accident.

#5 Get the contact info and insurance info of the other person.  It doesn’t matter if the 2 vehicles involved have no damage and you are not feeling any symptoms at the time of the accident.  If you begin to feel some pain or stiffness over the next week or so you will need to have that information to be able to file a claim.  Also, if you do find some underlying damage to your vehicle you will want that information to be able to fix your car.

There are probably a few other things I would recommend after a car accident, but these are probably the top 5.  Number 6 would be to call our office immediately to get evaluated for ANY potential injuries.  There is no out of pocket costs to you if you for any treatment related to a car accident.  Plus, early evaluation and treatment of those injuries will typically shorten treatment time and expense.  Call our office 801-492-9300 to schedule your evaluation or to ask us any questions related to a car accident.


Dr. Templeton

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