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About Us

At Spinal Rehab of North County, our goal is to get you and your back feeling healthy again. We offer professional services with experienced, skilled chiropractors and registered massage therapists. We’ll work with you one-on-one to help you feel like yourself again. Our state-of-the-art exercise equipment enables you to strengthen your back in our clinic. We can also teach you corrective exercises you can do from your own home. We care about our patients’ health and we seek to help you recover your life, so you don’t spend your life recovering.



Auto Accidents

If you have recently been in an auto accident there is no need to suffer through the pain. If left untreated lingering pain could become more serious and lead to degenerative issues. Our experts have been specializing in helping auto accident victims for over 15 years.  Helping many recover quickly and completely. Plus, auto insurance can cover 100% of the treatment costs! We also offer free transportation for auto accident victims. The road to recovery starts with a small step in the right direction. Don’t suffer through the pain any longer, schedule an appointment above. Get feeling better and back to your normal self.

Chiropractic Care

Many chiropractors require you to commit a minimum 6 months in recovery. With us no long-term commitment is required. Our goal is to have your back healthy and you back to doing what you love. We collaborate with your general care doctor, using x-rays and MRI’s if necessary, to ensure you are getting the best care. If you are suffering in pain, come stop by our office, we do not require you to have an appointment; walk-ins are available. We work with most insurance providers and our staff is highly trained in working with insurance companies. If you do not currently have insurance, we have very affordable cash prices as well. Feel free to schedule an appointment, or call our offices if you have more questions.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy and chiropractic care often go hand in hand. We have full-time, licensed massage therapists available in our office. All patients qualify for a free 15 minute massage. We also offer specific injury massage treatment to help not only sooth aching muscles, but also direct blood flow to injured areas enabling you to recover faster. Our experts understand the specific needs of each patient, especially those suffering from a recent car accident.

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